The Message I Was Born to Deliver

I could hardly sleep last night!


I have some exciting news to share with you.


GO FOR IT: Screw Self Doubt and Do Your Thing is now available for pre-order 

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I’m just curious -


Have you ever wanted to #GoForIt, but self-doubt slowed you down or stopped you altogether?


If yes, this may be the most important book you ever read. Here’s why: 


Once you ignore all of the voices that say 


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Your Unique Balance Point

Ever get "the look" from someone when you're sharing up your hopes and dreams? 

Said "look" implying that they either disagree, want something different, or think you're crazy for wanting THAT?

It can cause you to doubt yourself. Maybe I want too much? Maybe I want too little? How much should I want???

You are who you and it's more than "okay" that you want what you want.

You don't have to desire "as much" or "as little" as anyone else.

You can want what's "just right" for you,...

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You Know Best

We sometimes doubt ourselves.

You want to #GoForIt, whatever IT is for you. 

Get a new job.

Start a business.

Write a book.

Start a side gig.

Move across the country.

Travel somewhere new on extended stay.

Go back to school.

Take a new exercise class.

Ask for a promotion and the corner office.

You share your (newfound?) desires out of excitement, hoping to see the enthusiasm mirrored back, so you know you have support. 

Then...boom. The smackdown occurs.

You don't get the...

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