Are You Quiet During Meetings?

Do you find yourself remaining quiet in meetings, even if you have a great idea or a solution to a problem?
If you do, others may see you as lacking in Executive Presence, which is a predictor of getting promoted into bigger leadership roles.
Being quiet in a meeting can be seen as a lack of confidence. It can also be interpreted as  you not having anything to input, or a lack of strategic vision (another element of executive presence).
This has a snowball effect on you and your career.
You don’t get known as the person with the answers - even if you have them! You don’t get to be seen as the go-to person. You’re not seen as a leader.
If you’re not seen as a leader…you aren’t one.
You’re not going to get promoted into positions of authority if you don’t show you have authority. Leaders go first. They raise their hand. They speak up. The actions come...
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