Are you using the best 3 letter words to ask the best questions?

Which three-letter words am I talking about?

How? Why? and Who?

So often we ask "how" questions. It starts at a very young age. "How do I spell this word?" "How do I brush my teeth?" "How do I tie my shoe?"

"How" questions are strategy questions. And strategies are a dime a dozen. You can find the answer to any question, 24/7, without even leaving your couch thanks to the power of the internet. 

Success in business, and in life, is 80% mindset (psychology) and 20% strategy.

If you want to achieve goals, aim for getting in the right mindset. "How?" you may ask? (Do you see the irony in asking "how?") By asking "why?" and "who?"

Ask WHY it's important for you to achieve something.

Get associated with how it will feel and what it would mean to you. When you are emotionally attached to an outcome you are much more likely to achieve it.

Next, ask WHO you need to become in order to achieve it.

This deepens the emotional attachment. What needs to shift in how you see yourself? What needs to shift in your habits and/or rituals?

"Why?" and "who?" are much more powerful questions to ask yourself when goal-setting. Give it a spin. Where have you been asking how?" questions when you may benefit from asking "Why do I want this?" or "Who do I need to become?"

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