Be a #Chooser


There are no #Losers in my coaching clubhouse; only #Choosers.

Sometimes I don't really want to workout. Yesterday was one of those days. I heard my whiny voice start coming through saying things like "this is hard," "it hurts," and "I want to quit."

Then the stronger voice came through and said "I choose to do this." "I choose to finish this workout even though it hurts." "Yes it hurts so do 3 more reps." "I choose strength." "I choose to get better, stronger." "I choose to be a person who works out."

And then it hit me...

How did we get to be a society full of victimhood?

How do some people get to the point where they think they didn't/don't have a choice?

There's ALWAYS a choice. 

Even if some or all of the choices aren't good ones. The brilliance is in recognizing you are making a choice. Hopefully - the best choice possible.

When you become a #chooser, you become a winner. It's so empowering to choose. To stand behind your choice. To see yourself as a chooser.

When you convince yourself you don't have a choice, you become a victim.

NOTE: I'm not talking about victims of crimes here. Of course they're not choosing that. 

People make bad choices every day. Many are often easy to spot. Like robbing a bank. "But I needed the money" isn't going to cut it in front of the judge.

Isn't it more accurate (not to mention empowering) to say "I choose to stay at home with my sick son/daughter" versus "I had to stay home?" You could have made the very bad decision to send your kid to school anyway or to let him/her stay home alone. Either of the later are decisions you would probably instinctively take off the table. Just because it's instinctive doesn't mean it's not a choice.

One of the questions on my coaching questionnaire intake form is "Is your life one of your own choosing?" If a potential client answers "no" then I am not likely to take on that client because I know he/she thinks the problem is "out there." They think whatever problem is someone else's fault. They have given all their power away. It's darn near impossible to help a person who believes they don't hold the power to change their circumstances.

Be a #Chooser


Today is the day to #GoForIt and #Live Deliberately.

Founder, Personal Evolution Co.