Claim the Freedom You Want


That word keeps popping up in coaching sessions.

Entrepreneurs want Freedom.

How about you? Is freedom something YOU crave?

What comes to mind when you think of it? Do you have enough of it? Do you want more of it? What type of freedom do you want?

Freedom of time. Freedom of money. Freedom of artistic expression. Those are the freedoms that usually come to light first when I'm talking with an entrepreneur.

The deeper we dive into the subject, the more desired freedoms we...

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Be a #Chooser


There are no #Losers in my coaching clubhouse; only #Choosers.

Sometimes I don't really want to workout. Yesterday was one of those days. I heard my whiny voice start coming through saying things like "this is hard," "it hurts," and "I want to quit."

Then the stronger voice came through and said "I choose to do this." "I choose to finish this workout even though it hurts." "Yes it hurts so do 3 more reps." "I choose strength." "I choose to get better, stronger." "I choose to be a person who...

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