Claim the Freedom You Want


That word keeps popping up in coaching sessions.

Entrepreneurs want Freedom.

How about you? Is freedom something YOU crave?

What comes to mind when you think of it? Do you have enough of it? Do you want more of it? What type of freedom do you want?

Freedom of time. Freedom of money. Freedom of artistic expression. Those are the freedoms that usually come to light first when I'm talking with an entrepreneur.

The deeper we dive into the subject, the more desired freedoms we uncover. Namely, freedom from worry and negative stress. Often, business owners worry about NOT having enough money, time, artistic expression and are troubled by the ultimate cost of that. There is a deep sense of potential loss of what could have been unless he/she gets to this mystical place called freedom.

So then, DO YOU want more freedom? Assuming your answer is yes...what, then, is standing in the way of it?

If you're in the camp with the other entrepreneurs that want freedom, I challenge you to make the argument that you don't have enough [whatever]. In which area are you lacking freedom? Go ahead and lay out the facts. Make your case. 

And while you're doing that, please allow me to remind you of a VIF (very important fact).

Here's one freedom you ALWAYS have...the freedom of CHOICE!

🎆🎇🎆OMG! Did the fireworks just go off or what?🎆🎇🎆

This is good news! 

It means [or could mean if you let it] you have total and complete freedom...right freaking now!

Here me out on this...

In what way is it not a choice to be right where you are? I mean, if it's not your choice...whose was it? And if it is 100% your choice to be right where you can choose something else if you want.

You may have some objections that come up regarding this line of thought. Those objections are probably centered around a sense of "having" to do this or that...or else. [Ugh - the rules again.] Not seeing the choice in front of you. Believe me - you do have a choice. And isn't that what freedom is in the first place?

So where do we go from here? How do you act on this a-ha?

Look back at the freedoms you said you wanted. What specifically does the magical place of freedom look like for you? Look underneath the surface answer and identify what you really want. What were the roadblocks that came up for you as to why things don't look that way right now? What are the choices you need to make to get over the hump and into freedom? What is weighing you down? What persona, actions, narratives and habits do you need to take on to create it? Which ones do you need to let go of? 🤔

Sometimes freedom looks as simple as taking a leap of faith. And we wrangle with whether or not we think we're free to take that leap because of how we see ourselves (our identity), or because of expectations from ourselves or others - an ideology of how things "should" be.

Making big leaps in the name of freedom may not be comfortable or easy. But you do still have the choice. The choice has always been there.

Of course there will be challenges. #duh! Although you would like for it to be easy, you already know it won't be. And there it is - the real challenge in choosing freedom.

It took me years to grab the freedom I really wanted.

I had a great job with a company I loved, and worked for and with people I loved. I was making over 6 figures a year, and was well-respected in my field. I was really good at my job - which has always given me a thrill to be an achiever and high performer. I had a well-balanced life - plenty of time for fitness, fun, family, R&R. I had money and time.

Livin' the dream, right? But I wanted more. Sound familiar?

The freedom I really wanted was the freedom to make the kind of impact I wanted to make. I had always wanted to be a coach but had always been convinced by well-meaning people around me that it wouldn't work out.

My identity started to shift. I started seeing myself as a coach instead of the corporate me.

The deeper I went into learning, practicing and becoming a coach, the more the old "successes" started to feel like anchors - the very opposite feeling of freedom. 

The nice big house felt like an anchor, one I "had" to go to work at my big job to pay for. The important job meant I needed nice clothes. And of course I wanted a nice car, too. I appreciated those things - don't get me wrong. But the trappings of success started to feel heavy. It felt like a merry-go-round.

I started asking "What if I didn't have the house to pay for?" I wouldn't HAVE to make so much money. "What if I broke this cycle?" "What if I went for it?" I want freedom to pursue this passion. What's in my way? What if the career and comfort that has supported me is also the thing that is standing in my way? What would happen if I were willing to be a little uncomfortable?

Do I make the logical choice? Or go with my heart, my passion? 

My choices had led me to a very successful, comfortable life. Alas, the thought of losing what might have been was too heavy. 

I went with my passion and heart.

How did I make the leap from corporate life to a home office where I coach full time?

I remembered who the heck I am.

Sounds like an oversimplification - but it's the key.

I remembered that I have overcome challenges - big challenges - many times before and always landed on my feet. 

I left abusive husband #1 with $250 in my pocket and a 25 year old mattress and started over.

With abusive, cheating husband #2 I stood my ground and kicked him out.

I married a third time despite two failed marriages (♥️so glad I did!).

I walked on fire 🔥 - multiple times.

I walked out to the edge of Angel's Landing in Zion National Park - a two and a half mile journey up that took me across a half mile spine of a mountain ⛰ with a 1,500 foot drop-off on either side - despite a freezing fear of heights.

I climbed a 52-foot telephone pole on a Florida beach, stood on top, and jumped to a trapeze just out of reach - despite that same fear of heights.

Early in my career I changed jobs every couple of years and moved to places I didn't know anyone, all to advance my career.

I bought and sold 3 houses on my own. 🏘🏡

Numerous career successes amidst challenging objectives. #CrushedIt

I took risks...and lived through it all. Pretty well might I add.

That's who I am. I am an achiever. I am successful. I always land on my feet, no matter what. I charge ahead. I know it will all be okay because I will not accept it any other way.

How did I make the leap? How did I choose the freedom I wanted when I wanted it? I just did it.

And you can, too. You have successes and resources within you to pull from. Find them. Use them.

It was hard to let go of my comfort zone. It took me years to stop dabbling and do it for real. What made it possible was an expanded identity and a choice for the freedom I really wanted.

What's the freedom you want most? 

Today is the day to #GoForIt and #Live Deliberately.

Founder, Personal Evolution Co.