Yes, You Do Know

The three words that ruffle my feathers as a coach?

I. Don't. Know. *Especially when on repeat.

Actually - I smile because I know exactly what to do when I hear them.

Just saying those words or thinking those words cuts you off from possibilities. It perpetuates a helpless, confused, foggy-headed feeling. Or brings about the same.

NO! [insert hand up motion here]

Just stop. You do NOT have time for that energy. It does not and will not help you move forward. And YOU? You definitely want to...

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🛑No Sticking Your Head in the Sand🛑

I totally understand the desire to bury your head in the sand during this whole ordeal.

Trust me.

But seriously - not a good move.

You know as well as I do that it's not going to help you in the long run to ignore whatever sh*t-storm is happening in your life. Alas, better to face it.

When you ignore the situation - whatever YOUR situation is - then it gets worse.

It gets worse in reality (physically & fiscally) as in no solutions = things keep getting further and further off track.


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Claim the Freedom You Want


That word keeps popping up in coaching sessions.

Entrepreneurs want Freedom.

How about you? Is freedom something YOU crave?

What comes to mind when you think of it? Do you have enough of it? Do you want more of it? What type of freedom do you want?

Freedom of time. Freedom of money. Freedom of artistic expression. Those are the freedoms that usually come to light first when I'm talking with an entrepreneur.

The deeper we dive into the subject, the more desired freedoms we...

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Enjoy and Anchor Your Wins

Some Days You Have a Win

And it feels so freakin good!

One of my favorite WINS is when I have a client with a win. 

And it can come in so many forms.

Today I witnessed a young lady speak her truth.

She confidently took a stand and declared THIS is who I am and choose to be. She knows exactly how to fill in the blank behind "I am..." And she is MILES ahead of where she was five and a half short months ago - mired in fear and sadness.

Today, we worked on anchoring even deeper the powerful...

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