Enjoy and Anchor Your Wins

Some Days You Have a Win

And it feels so freakin good!

One of my favorite WINS is when I have a client with a win. 

And it can come in so many forms.

Today I witnessed a young lady speak her truth.

She confidently took a stand and declared THIS is who I am and choose to be. She knows exactly how to fill in the blank behind "I am..." And she is MILES ahead of where she was five and a half short months ago - mired in fear and sadness.

Today, we worked on anchoring even deeper the powerful identity she has worked tirelessly to uncover for herself. I say "uncover" because it's always been there; they just needed to be reacquainted. What a rewarding session - for her and for me.

I celebrate her and the work she's put in.

I am so honored to get to hold that space for her.

She knows she is ready to go out into the world and serve at an even higher level. She is a LEADER. And the ripple effect of our work together (and hers with those she serves) grows even bigger.

That's a YES! for me and affirms why I do what I do.

I love these wins and choose to anchor them in for myself just like I encouraged her to do for herself today.

If you want to anchor in YOUR wins...here's how:

When in a PEAK STATE...(not a half-ass state)...repeat a physical gesture like squeezing your fist repeatedly. Over time you will link squeezing your fist with the desired heightened emotion so that you can get in that state instantly when you fire off that anchor. 

It looks and sounds something like this: (saying your I am statements aloud and with convincing emotion)

  • I am living my purpose [squeeze fist].
  • I act with love and kindness [squeeze fist].
  • I have mega energy throughout the day to accomplish my mission [squeeze fist].
  • I am a warrior [squeeze fist].
  • I help dozens of people every day BE who they want to be [squeeze fist].
  • I choose to be happy right now [squeeze fist].
  • I act with the highest intent possible [squeeze fist].
  • I am the master of my schedule [squeeze fist].
  • I have 100% confidence in myself [squeeze fist].
  • I am the master of my time [squeeze fist].
  • I have everything I need to succeed [squeeze fist].

You get the idea. And in case you didn't notice - state these things as if they have already happened. As if they are already true. 

Practice this daily and groove in this pattern. You'll see things turn around quickly. And before you know it, you'll be able to fire off your anchor and instantly tap into the feelings these statement bring with them.


Today is the day to #GoForIt and #Live Deliberately.

Founder, Personal Evolution Co.