Four Truths to Cut the Clutter in Goal Setting

I absolutely LOVE this time of the year. It's a clean slate and FULL of possibilities.

My idea of a fun New Year's Eve is to totally geek out on setting goals, creating a vision board, and setting high expectations for the coming year. #Truth

Yet, setting goals can sometimes bring with it pressure. Pressure for it to be the "right" goal. Pressure for it to be "big enough." Reasonable. Scary. Specific. Measurable. Multiple goals. Yes - Must have goals in every area of my life.  And...and...and...UGH! How in the world will I do all this? Overwhelm! Just forget it!

Sound Familiar?

I hope the following brings you smooth sailing to create goals that inspire you, not overwhelm you. 

The Four Truths are...

Put your goals on paper.

All important goals need to be written down, preferably in your own handwriting.

If you try to remember it all in your head you will create an endless loop of discussion. It's a disaster waiting to happen. If you can't remember what you had for lunch, how in the world will you recall all your goals, in rich detail, and measure them?

Be clear about what you want and why. as specific as you can be. How will you know when you've achieved it?

S.M.A.R.T. (Specific. Measurable. Actionable. Reasonable. Timed.)

DOn't just say you want to be happy, or to make more money. What is your evidence procedure for being happy? How much more money? 

How will it feel to achieve it? What will it mean for you and others if you achieve it? Who do you need to be to achieve it? 

Be 80% certain it's what you really want.

Let go of being 100% sure. 

I see so many clients waste WEEKS, even MONTHS, trying to figure out exactly what they want a year from now, 5 years from now, 10 year from now, discerning over every little detail. Gripped by fear..."What if I get this wrong?"

Goals are decisions. Decisions are based on probability. There is no such thing as 100% certainty.

There are no stone tablets here. You can change them anytime you wish.

(You are THAT powerful!)

Time management is priority management.

You have a lot you want to accomplish. You have 24 hours a day to fit it in. You are constantly deciding your priorities when you decide how you spend your time. 

Know the order of importance of your goals. If you're not sure what you value most, look at how you spend your time. If it doesn't align the way you want it - one or both need to change.


Have a System.

I have a process I go through every year. It took me a good amount of time in the beginning and it has gotten better every year.

I tweak it every year as I change and grow and gain more clarity of self and mission. The building blocks remain the same.

I have streamlined this process and figured out a way to break it down in a simple, and easy-to-teach, non-overwhelming way so you can cut to the chase and start seeing real results faster.

*I'll have some exciting news about this soon.

In support of you,


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