How to Make Sure You Hit Your 2023 Goals

Manifesting starts NOW!

It's the ideal time to set your sights on next year.


Let's face it - The holidays get super-busy. And it starts with Thanksgiving.

...Big meals



...Wrapping presents


...More big meals

Followed by...

...Taking the decorations down

...Putting away all your awesome gifts and/or making returns

Then New Year's.

...More parties/meals/celebrations.


And somewhere in this mess your'e supposed to set awesome, inspired goals for next year.

You're thinking "yeah - ok."


Not a bad plan - but there's a better plan.


Do it now. Before the holiday madness.




Put your intentions out into the world NOW.

If you know anything at all about manifesting what you want (AKA achieving your goals) you know part of the equation is speaking positively about your hitting those goals. You must use the right LANGUAGE and be specific. And if you've ever worked with me, you've been encouraged to talk about your dreams as if they have already happened. And to speak in a positive tone about what you DO want versus what you DON'T want.


So hear me out -


This Thanksgiving - why not go ahead and give thanks for your 2023 goals being in the bag already?


You know where that leads? To having your STG ($hit-together) when the new year gets here. That's where!


Maybe you need to hit some mini goals now to put you in a position to get a jump start on the new year.

Maybe you need to ask Santa for stuff that helps you achieve your goals like new workout gear, books, a class, or coaching.


Are you with me?


Then join me for a 2-hour workshop November 19th.

In this workshop we're going to build your vision board for next year.

We will literally DO THE WORK during the workshop with a goal of having it complete (or almost complete) by the end.


Why do I love having a great vision board?
  • Images are way more inspiring than words on a paper.
  • Pictures help you connect with the emotion of achieving that specific goal - a major factor in you actually achieving it.
  • It gives you something to reference all year long, especially in a time of challenge.

 PLUS - 

Your vision board will inspire your ultimate big picture and help you break down the milestones to get you there. Essentially, it's a roadmap to help you get from here to there. Faster.


If you want in - GO HERE for more details.

And if you're wondering -  it's SUPER affordable. Like crazy bargain basement price. Why? Because I hope you'll be inspired to coach with me next year! But no pressure. No big sales push. I despise having my arm twisted so I don't do that.


AND...I truly hope to see you there and play a role in getting you fired up to live the life of your dreams, starting now.

Today is the day to #GoForIt!

Author, Mindset Mechanic and P2P Influence Artist,

Personal Evolution Company