Is it time to ZOOM IN? or ZOOM OUT?

Sometimes it's overwhelming to think about the enormity of the project in front of you. 

Making ALL one's dreams come true in a single big swoop is almost sure to make a person dizzy with all the things that have to happen to create the picture she has in her mind. Talk about easily getting sidetracked into things you don't have to worry about today...or even next month!

Yet, if you don't have that big picture perspective lucid in mind, you could waste valuable resources - time, energy, money - creating something you never really wanted in the first place.

So, what should you do? 

Focus on the big picture? or the details of one goal at a time?

The answer is...BOTH.

The key is to ZOOM OUT to get clear regarding what the desired big picture looks like. Then, break the big vision down into individual pieces you can work on.

If you're not sure what those individual puzzle pieces are, ask:

  • "What made that [big picture] possible?"
  • "And what made THAT possible?" or
  • "What happened right before that?"

You don't have to know EVERY step you'll need to take before you start your journey. It would help if you saw where you're heading and knew at least one step (or OUTCOME, as we coaches call it) to get started.

Then, ZOOM IN.

Get specific about what you want to happen and by when. Be precise about what success looks like for this mini-outcome you think will help lead you to the big picture.

Once you're clear on a measurable, actionable benchmark, get to work. Start adding action items to your weekly game plan.

The pro's know: Filter all the possible to-do's down to the 20% of action items that will yield 80% of the results and START THERE.

 Once the mini-outcome is achieved, ZOOM OUT and check in with the big picture again. 

  • What progress has been made? (Celebrate it.)
  • Is the overall big picture still what you want?
  • What piece of the puzzle should you work on next?

Then, ZOOM IN once again and get back to work.

So what does your distinct big picture look like?

What do you need to ZOOM IN and get to work on?


Today is the day to #GoForIt!

Author, Mindset Mechanic and P2P Influence Artist,

Personal Evolution Company