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Is it time to ZOOM IN? or ZOOM OUT?

Sometimes it's overwhelming to think about the enormity of the project in front of you. 

Making ALL one's dreams come true in a single big swoop is almost sure to make a person dizzy with all the things that have to happen to create the picture she has in her mind. Talk about easily getting sidetracked into things you don't have to worry about today...or even next month!

Yet, if you don't have that big picture perspective lucid in mind, you could waste valuable...

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Your Perfect Effort:Results Ratio


Should you set truly big, scary goals? Or be more reasonable?

What if you want the big scary goals, but hate the overwhelm that comes with it? And the guilt about what you're NOT doing no matter what you ARE doing?

Great Q's. Enlightening A's in this video.

You have a perfect Effort:Results Ratio that's tailor-made for YOU.

At the end of the video I mention an intensive 5-week program. If you want the details, email me ([email protected]) for a short...

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