Sitting on the Fence is an Optical Illusion

I love that sweet spot people hit when they are sitting on the fence about a decision to #GoForIt or not.

Though that idea of sitting on the fence is an optical illusion.

How so? So glad you asked.

The fence isn't sitting on some imaginary line of yes or no, of this or that. No. The fence sits squarely on the side of right where you are now.

Not deciding - is deciding. It means you haven't gone for it - yet.

To procrastinate the decision is to decide to change nothing. At least for now.

Why, then, is that a sweet spot and why do I love it?

I love it because it does indicate that you have climbed up to the top of the fence to peak over and see what it might look like over yonder. It implies a sense of curiosity of what is possible, what could be. 

And oh my freaking goodness - I LOVE that moment.

That moment is full of what if...

When I hear that in someone I sit up and take notice. I get excited and tingly. I literally feel my breath catch a little bit [gasp]. I'm pretty sure my eyes dilate. I'm all in.

It is indeed a sweet spot because a decision is inevitable - whether yes of no, this or that. And the decisions we make in those moments shape our future.

In those moments I have an almost uncontrollable urge to push the person head first to #GoForIt. hehe  

The thing that stops me from pushing is that it's much better if the person is pulled from the other side. Pulled because they see something they really really want on the other side of that fence. Something so compelling they will figure out a way to hoist themselves over it.

How do you hoist yourself over the fence?

Take a good look at what's on the other side of that fence. Imagine yourself over there. What would it be like? (It's okay to obsess about it.)

Look for some rope. Look for some help. Look for a way over.

Consider there may be another way to get over there. Look for a way around. Look for a way under. Look for a way through. 

You get on the other side of the fence by DECIDING you want to be over there, by CHOOSING to be over there.

That's what stops me from pushing people over. It's always better if you choose to be there. Nevertheless, I am at my best when I relentlessly help you paint the picture and look for the resources you need to get over the fence. And then heck, I might just push you that extra inch after all. [I did say almost uncontrollable.🤣]

That stuff just lights me up. I love what I do.

Hopefully I help you lean over far enough that you fall over there! haha

The next time you realize you're sitting on the fence about something, when you realize you're in a moment of decision that will shape your future, get excited! Know you're in a position to make the exact changes you want. Get excited because a breakthrough is just around the corner. 

Today is the day to #GoForIt and #Live Deliberately.

Founder, Personal Evolution Co.