Sitting on the Fence is an Optical Illusion

I love that sweet spot people hit when they are sitting on the fence about a decision to #GoForIt or not.

Though that idea of sitting on the fence is an optical illusion.

How so? So glad you asked.

The fence isn't sitting on some imaginary line of yes or no, of this or that. No. The fence sits squarely on the side of right where you are now.

Not deciding - is deciding. It means you haven't gone for it - yet.

To procrastinate the decision is to decide to change nothing. At least for now.


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How do you put ‚úÖInspire team on your to-do list?



Leaders INSPIRE their team to want to step up.

Note; Motivation and inspiration are two different things. Motivation comes from within and inspiration can come from external sources.

How do you inspire your team when you already have so much work to do? How do you put that "to-do" on your list? ... Inspire team.

You have your "behind your desk work" stuff you do. That alone is more than enough to keep you busy.

And then you're supposed to go and inspire your team?? YES!


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Your Team Wants You to Know This

Your team is craving something. Do you know what it is?

Do you really not know?

Come on.

You DO know.

It's instinctive.

They desire to do more than exchange wages for work.

They are bent on being a part of something larger than themselves.

They want more. More what? Happiness. Appreciation. Clarity. Trust. Challenge. Reward. Pay. Camaraderie. Success. Wins. More everything! (like you)

They want to be elevated.

They want to grow as people.

They want to truly be seen. And heard.

They crave...

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