The Message I Was Born to Deliver

I could hardly sleep last night!


I have some exciting news to share with you.


GO FOR IT: Screw Self Doubt and Do Your Thing is now available for pre-order 

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I’m just curious -


Have you ever wanted to #GoForIt, but self-doubt slowed you down or stopped you altogether?


If yes, this may be the most important book you ever read. Here’s why: 


Once you ignore all of the voices that say 

“You can’t do it”

(ESPECIALLY your own), 

you will truly be free to step into the life you’ve always wanted.


See, success and achievement are just as much about subtracting BS as they are about adding action items. This book outlines six common obstacles that you can immediately remove from your life... which will make it stupid simple for you to finally #GoForIt.


If you are an achiever who is contemplating a big leap of faith, this book is for you.


But first, a warning. This book is not for everyone.


#GoingForIt is the opposite of playing it safe. You can expect risks and challenges. There are no guarantees that you will succeed at the thing you are going for, just because you work hard. Yet, if you are to succeed in IT, you have to do the work.


To make it to the other side of all those challenges, you’ll need a strong, confident inner voice.


If you’ve ever shared a big dream or goal with anyone, you know the following is true:


When you have a dream and an ambition to do something extraordinary, there will be well-meaning people (and some not-so-well-meaning people) who might belittle and brush aside your ideas. They may call attention to every reason you have to be cautious. And when this happens, your fears and doubts could magnify.


If you listen to the naysayers, their expectations, rules, and opinions could flood in and bog you down. That, in turn, can cause you to doubt whether or not you should #GoForIt. Sometimes, these doubts feel real enough to convince you to quit before you even get started!


Still, sadder are the ones who keep telling themselves they’ll pursue their real dreams “one day,” but they haven’t yet taken action because they’re waiting for the right time. Life’s demands keep rushing in and taking priority, and the right time never seems to come.


For the super-achievers who jump in with both feet and #GoForIt, some find themselves miserable because they get overwhelmed and burned out. They feel guilty about all the things they’re NOT doing, despite all the things they ARE doing. Some drop out at this stage because all the progress they’ve made pushed them to the brink of exhaustion.


So how do you get in the game, stay in it, and enjoy the entire journey?


That’s what Go For It: Screw Self Doubt and Do Your Thing is all about. Specifically...


>> Listening to your inner voice with confidence and conviction.

>> Taking action NOW.

>> Following your journey at the pace that brings you joy.


Not only that...


  • This book is a quick, easy read packed with a ton of practical guidance and actionable insights to accomplish your most meaningful goals fast. There’s zero unnecessary fluff.
  • This book is not a how-to manual with a bunch of mechanical steps to follow or forms to fill out. Everyone’s dream looks different; therefore, there can be no one-size-fits-all life manual. This book facilitates the personal insights needed for you to validate what YOU want in life, and then pursue it with a calm, clear determination.
  • This book gives you permission to be a rebel and think for yourself.


PLUS! Inside of the book, you will receive a FREE companion Coaching Workbook, which is like having me coach right alongside you. The workbook is perfectly designed to help you understand what you’ve learned cognitively, and directly apply it to your life. When you answer the tough questions inside of the workbook, you’ll naturally feel empowered to get exactly what you want with total confidence and clarity.


Today is the day to #GoForIt.



Go For It: Screw Self Doubt and Do Your Thing is now available for pre-sale pricing! It’s the absolute perfect tool to give you the courage to #GoForIt!


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