Yes, You Do Know

The three words that ruffle my feathers as a coach?🐥

I. Don't. Know. *Especially when on repeat.

Actually - I smile because I know exactly what to do when I hear them.😉

Just saying those words or thinking those words cuts you off from possibilities. It perpetuates a helpless, confused, foggy-headed feeling. Or brings about the same.

NO! [insert hand up motion here]

Just stop. You do NOT have time for that energy. It does not and will not help you move forward. And YOU? You definitely want to move forward. 

Your words create or reinforce your reality. Said differently, Your reality is created/reinforced by your words. Want a different reality? Use different words.

If you catch yourself saying those god-awful words above, most likely as a stalling mechanism to give you time to think or because you think the question requires an automatic answer whipped out of your back pocket, IMMEDIATELY follow through with a question like "But if I did know I would..." or "What if it were easy? What would I do next?" Or something like "If I take a deep breath and trust myself and my instincts, I would automatically remember that..."

Here it is on a sticky note:

Deep down you DO know what business you want to start or how you want to transition the one you have into a more profitable, more passion-based, soul-led venture.

THAT's not the problem.

The real problem is that you think it can’t be done, that YOU can’t do it, that it will be hard, or that you’re not good enough. Or some similar tune.

Even the most confident among us have insecurities. Even those of us who are masterful at hiding them, have them. It's this little nagging question mark in the back of our heads. 

Could I really do that?

What would people think?

What if I fail?

Your idea isn't the problem.

Your THOUGHTS / DOUBTS / FEARS about the journey are the problem. 

But let's not leave you hanging!

Again...immediately follow through with better questions (see above).

Also, understand what's needed to get you back on the path moving in the direction of your dreams is a slight shift in IDENTITY. 

Identity is a strong force in human nature. It's how we define ourselves and how others define us. We will jilt or values to remain true to our identity. Like I said - STRONG force, the strongest.

Therefore, the KEY to achieving way beyond what you ever thought possible is to see yourself differently - to see yourselves as already having achieved it. In other words, to BECOME that person in your mind's eye first, then allowing reality to catch up with that vision.

And it will. Why? Because then you'll act AS IF. You'll take the actions that SHE would take. You'll think like her. You'll act like her. And then it'll hit you one ARE her. Call it your alter-ego, your persona - whatever. That's where the identity shift starts.

This is why I AM statements are so valuable. They help shift or cement your desired identity. I AM statements are a whole other exercise I recommend you follow through with - on the regular (meaning every day). Suit your fancy with the method: speak them, write them, chant them. And this one is simple. It's just fill in the blank. I am ____________. (smart, kind, fit, successful, the CEO of me, an awesome MOM, etc.) 

The more you look for evidence that this new and improved identity is true, the more evidence you'll see and the more you'll believe it's real. Therefore making it more real. Building it in reality, layer by layer. 

So see? You DO know. 

Today is the day to #GoForIt and #LiveDeliberately.

Founder, Personal Evolution Co.