Driving Results: When to Use Emotion and When Not To

As a leader your job is to drive results.

"Check your emotions at the door" is advice I've heard many times. Sometimes that is appropriate advice. Other times, we would be better served to put our emotions front and center.

Let's distinguish between when we are best served between using our emotions and when to leave them out of the equation.

 It is not the best time to use your emotions when you are in fact-gathering mode.

The first mandate of leadership is SEE THINGS AS THEY ARE, not better or worse than they are.

In this case, please check your emotions at the door. You are on a fact-gathering mission. You need a clear picture of where things stand. Your emotions can cloud your judgement. 

Leave the drama of the situation at the door. Encourage others to leave their emotions at the door and be objective. 

Once you have a clear goal in mind, bring your emotions to the forefront.

Think of your emotions as your superhero cape. You can don any cape in...

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