Secrets of Effective Communicators: Profiling Scott



The Biggest Secret of Effective Communicators is that they  communicate with others in the style THEY prefer, not their own style.

Consider this Communication Profiler School. We'll be looking at four distinct behavioral styles.

In this video, I will profile SCOTT, who is a warm, steady, reliable type and an outstanding team player.

Then I'll teach you how bring some balance and flexibility into your behavioral style if YOU are a Scott and how to adapt to a Scot if he sounds like someone you work with.

What you need to know before watching the profile.

  1. There is no "right" or "wrong" profile. One profile isn't better or worse than another. They all have strengths and soft spots.
  2. We are all a blend of all four styles. You are not one personality type. We all have some degree of each of the four behavioral styles.
  3. I'll be describing the extreme end of the spectrum in each of these behavioral...
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