"Click" With Some People and "Clash" With Others?

Ever wonder why you, or certain team members, clash with particular people sometimes? 🤫 Or why some teams “click” so well together and others can’t seem to get their act together? Do you accept "that's just the way it is?"
It doesn't HAVE to be that way. It's actually NOT that way at all.
As a leader - you need to influence people. And to influence people, you need to be able to connect with them, the faster the better. And you must put high-performing teams together that will achieve the objectives they set out to achieve.
But…how do you know if a team will work well together? How do you know a candidate is the right fit for the job? How do you know how to connect with a prospect you’ve never met before?

Here’s the cool thing...They’re always giving you clues!

When you know what you’re looking for…you can read them quickly and know EXACTLY how to respond to genuinely gain rapport and keep it. And then influence with ease.
This is communication agility. 
Communication isn’t hard; but it is different for different people. All you need is an easy-to-remember framework for spotting the "tells" that let you know what the person needs. And then adjust accordingly.
That is precisely what my new Masterclass, Communication Agility Rx, teaches you.
  • Spot the cues people are constantly showing you about how they like to communicate and think
  • Purge ineffective communication
  • Instantly connect with prospects
  • Remain in rapport with team members and clients, and
  • Get your team bringing their best selves to work
BUILD BETTER RELATIONSHIPS so you get the RESULTS you want in your business and life.
I made it for leaders and achievers who want maximum results from every interaction with clients, team members and others.

Today is the official Launch Date for Communication Agility Rx. And I went a little OUTRAGEOUS with the BONUSES.


In addition to the masterclass, you'll get:
$99 Early Bird Pricing! I could have easily charged over $500 for the course itself, without the bonuses. But decided it would be $149. THEN I decided to throw in early bird pricing for a limited time. EBP expires Tuesday, April 21st. After that, it's $149.
Communication Profiler School: I included a 4-part video characterization for the four basic profiles to help cement your learning.
Cheat Sheets: Downloadable PDFs make it easy to follow along with the content and can be used as worksheets to help you spot the styles.
"How to coach for each DISC Style and each Motivator" Cheat Sheet. Developed from my personal notes at Advanced Skills Training for Tony Robbins' coaches. BONUS EXPIRES April 22nd.
Get a $100 Discount when you upgrade to a DISC & Motivators Package after checkout. For $199 more, you get your customized DISC and Motivators assessments, a one-hour debrief with Stacie, and a follow-up coaching call.

$10 OFF DISC & Motivators assessments for your team members. I thought...How cool would it be to be able to not only get your own customized DISC and Motivators profile report, what if you had one for each team member?  You would know their EXACT blended style and know PRECISELY how to adapt to each one of them. I usually charge $99 each. Buy Communication Agility by April 24th and get at 50+ page report for each team member for $89 each. *Must be used by May 31st, 2020.



LIVE Group Q&A Call: Tuesday, April 28th, 2:00 PM EDT. Why not host a zoom call, too? Access me directly and ask questions about the material in the course and how it applies to specific challenges you're facing with team members, your boss, or even a friend or family member. This is some of the  most valuable work I've done with clients. CLICK HERE and scroll to the bottom to read Bill's story about how he almost fired an employee that turned out to become his MVP - his right hand....all because he learned to understand and communicate with her. He learned to interpret the signs she was constantly showing him. You do not want to miss this call. 


BOOM! 💥 There it is.

Awesome program. Awesome bonuses. 
If you have a few team members that are proving to be difficult to connect with and to motivate - this program is exactly what you need. Take what you learn in Communication Agility Rx and get EVERYONE on your team putting their best foot forward. 
Seriously - you will be amazed at how easy it is. You'll be shaking your head wondering where this has been all your leadership life.
You'll  understand why some people are so easy for you to lead and others are so very frustrating!
When you click the pic below, it will take you to the page with full details. Then you can checkout out from there. 
The bonuses go away one at the time so don't delay. 
Today is the day to #GoForIt and #LiveDeliberately!
Founder, Personal Evolution Co.

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