Sometimes, it would behoove you to be a bit impatient

It's so easy to get caught up in all of it.

You have this goal and you carefully plot out your plan for world domination. Or market domination. Heck - SELF domination some days.

So you do like you're taught and you formulate a strategy thinking if you do a, b, and c you'll get x, y and z.

Strategy is important. You need one - a good one. And the desire for excellence calls for us to find the best one, maybe even the perfect one.

Strategy can also be tricky.

What can sometimes happen is we get spun up in the execution of said perfect plan. Which requires patience. Also a good thing to have. But patience can be misplaced.

Patience is a virtue when you do the [right] work and have patience for the result.

Patience is a liability if you are being overly patient with yourself to do the work that gets you the result you want, or if you're relying on a strategy that isn't delivering.

If patience is currently a liability - it would behoove you to be a bit impatient. 

Business isn't like school.

School was easy. There were clear-cut rules. Your teachers told you exactly what was expected. And by when. There was a reasonable expectation that if you went to class, paid attention and took notes, participated, did your assignments, and studied, that you would end up with the desired result - a good grade.

If you've ever held a job working for someone else you know it wasn't all that different than school. You knew what you were being hired to do. You knew when you were expected to go to work and what needed to be done. You knew what the goals and targets were - success was measurable. If you showed up, did your work and got reasonably close to targets, all was good. If you needed help, you could ask for it. You end up with the desired result - a paycheck.

When in business for yourself YOU set the targets, the pace, the rules. You can learn a strategy from someone else or formulate your own and execute it flawlessly...and still not get the result you want. And on top of that - if you're not getting the sales and profits you desire, that can have dire consequences for your business and life.

Back to following that perfectly plotted strategy...

Marry the result; not the strategy.

The right strategy is one that gets you the result you need when you need it. 

Take your head out of the sand and quit hiding behind your strategy when you see it's not working. You don't get points for staying a course that leads you to the ditch. 

Question your strategy so you can be realistic. What will it really take to get your desired result by the desired deadline?

If your strategy will work but not by your deadline, either choose a different strategy or find a way to speed it up. Do you need to double down on work? Do you need to remove some distractions? Do you need to cut your losses on something? Do you need to give up some of your recreation time? Do you need to get up earlier? Do you need help?

You must have the discipline and willpower to focus on and DO what must be done. No excuses. You don't need to check your Facebook feed 50 times. You don't have to get lost in your email box every morning before key tasks are completed. You don't have to spend your highest energy, most productive hours of the day chit chatting or straightening your desk. 

Here's where the rubber meets the road. 

Time to step up and claim what you say you want. Time to BECOME the motherfucking BOSS that gets things done. Be the leader your business needs right now. The buck stops with you so act like it. 

Zoom out and look at your business from a high level. Does it look the way you want it? Own it - either way.

If it doesn't look the way you want it, what needs to shift/change? How do you need to show up differently to make it happen?

Strategy and patience are just tools.

No more, no less. Use them when you need them. Set them aside when you need to. If you fully believe your strategy will deliver the desired results on the desired timeline - stay the course. Be patient with the outcome but impatient to get the work done. If the strategy isn't working - supplement it with an additional one, trade it for a different one, or shift it ever so slightly so that it works.

Today is the day to #GoForIt and #Live Deliberately.

Founder, Personal Evolution Co.