You Don't Have to Adopt Other People's Rules

People have a lot of rules. And for some, their rules have rules.

Anytime you decide to #GoForIt, there will be people telling you HOW you should do it.

“You CAN'T do that.” “You can’t do it THAT way.” “You can’t do that NOW.”

If you decide to tile your bathroom floor and it’s your first time doing anything of the sort, consulting a how-to guide might be a good idea. But in the game of life, when you’ve made a decision to...

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Friday, April 10th, 5PM Eastern


On Friday, April 10th @ 2:00pm Pacific time / 5:00pm Eastern time /  Saturday at 7:00am AEST, we'll be hosting a Zoom call and Facebook Live to answer your questions about your business in these times of uncertainty.
What are your #challenges in these times of #uncertainty?
Bring them to the call.
Through the #collaboration of three world renowned coaches from Canada, the USA and Australia, you get a full world perspective on how to overcome them. 
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Mindset & Familiarity Blindness

The psychology of success tells us it's 80% mindset-related, 20% strategy-related.


And successful people know this. This isn't new information. You've heard this before.

Strategy is important, too. You want the right strategy at the right time. Absolutely.

But mindset...that's where the magic has always been. Without the right mindset, strategy is useless. Good news! We know what to focus on. And we have 100% control of it - if we choose to exercise that...

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Sometimes, it would behoove you to be a bit impatient

It's so easy to get caught up in all of it.

You have this goal and you carefully plot out your plan for world domination. Or market domination. Heck - SELF domination some days.

So you do like you're taught and you formulate a strategy thinking if you do a, b, and c you'll get x, y and z.

Strategy is important. You need one - a good one. And the desire for excellence calls for us to find the best one, maybe even the perfect one.

Strategy can also be tricky.

What can sometimes happen is we get...

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