What Life Will You Create This Year?

I know...

THE most popular goal-setting day of the year is here! And an achiever like you knows the drill in how to set a goal. After all, this isn't your first rodeo!


But do you sometimes feel like you are OVER this "set new goals" thing?

Does the mere thought of creating a long list of things to do make you want to roll your eyes?

I admit, sometimes I feel that way. When I look at individual goals for the sake of creating goals, it feels like a chore.

So...if you're in that boat this year or just want to spice up your New Year's goal-setting tradition - read on!

This Quick, 3-Step Process Will Get You Excited for 2021 GOALS Camp. 

1) First up, before you even think of jotting down some meaningless goals, EXAMINE what went right in 2020.

  • What went well in 2020?
  • What are you most proud of?
  • What did you do well?
  • What were your wins?
  • What memories make you happy?

2) Next, DETERMINE what you'd like to CHANGE in 2021.

  • What would you like to add?
  • Delete?
  • Improve?
  • Build?
  • Let go of?

3) Then...and here is the gold...consider what EMOTIONS you'd like to feel more of 2021.

Whaaattt? No hard-core SMART goal? 

Nope! Not this time.

At the end of the day, most of what we want - the goals we set - are based on the emotion we *think* we'll have when we achieve it. And so many times, achieving the goal doesn't even come close to giving us the "high" we were looking for, or for as long as we thought it would. We're left thinking "Is this all there is?" or "What now?" Achieving sometimes seems...anti-climactic.

The good news? Whatever the underlying emotion you want, it may be easier than you presume to feel it. But I'll save the "rules" conversation for another day.

How do you identify the emotions you want to feel past the obvious....ummm...happy? or the vague...good?

To make this easier, think of it in terms of areas of your life. What emotions do you most want to feel in regards to your

  • Spirituality?
  • Personal growth?
  • Family and friends?
  • Money?
  • Career/Mission?
  • Romantic relationship? and
  • Health?

What I love about this approach is it helps to understand what types of goals to set, how ambitious of a goal you want to set, and the level of time and energy you want to put towards them because you have a snapshot of your whole life...not the dialed-in view of a single "SMART" goal. (Specific, Measurable, Actionable, Reasonable, and Timed)

AND...this method helps you determine what areas of your life you want to work on most by giving you a different way to measure which area has the biggest gap from where you are to where you want to be...by examining emotions and not numbers. This is more intuitive.

Follow Your Heart

You're not doing yourself - or the world - any favors to set empty goals that will make you miserable to achieve. 

Why not enjoy the journey?

When you picture a life you love and work towards it, it doesn't feel like work at all.

Try leading with your heart this year and see where the journey takes you.


Today is the day to #GoForIt!

Author, Mindset Mechanic and P2P Influence Artist,

Personal Evolution Company



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