What Life Will You Create This Year?

I know...

THE most popular goal-setting day of the year is here! And an achiever like you knows the drill in how to set a goal. After all, this isn't your first rodeo!


But do you sometimes feel like you are OVER this "set new goals" thing?

Does the mere thought of creating a long list of things to do make you want to roll your eyes?

I admit, sometimes I feel that way. When I look at individual goals for the sake of creating goals, it feels like a chore.

So...if you're in that boat...

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Why Can't It Just Be Easy?

Why in the heck am I so emotional? It's really not like me. Feels like being a kid throwing a temper tantrum.

I must laugh at that visual if I'm playing the role.

Can I stomp my feet too??

Have YOU ever had one of those emotional days? It's true, every day has emotions of one sort or another. I'm talking about one of those days where you can't decide if you're feeling depressed and sad, or maybe disillusioned, anxious, uneasy, panicked, unsure, or even flaky.

Somedays I feel up to the...

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