How Often Do You Complain?

When I was a new in management and had my first “real” job out of college I would complain all the time.
I put in a lot of hours. I worked hard. Both were my choice.
Yet I complained about everything. I complained about how other people in the office had known each other longer than me and were closer, about how little I was paid, about how many hours I worked and about how I wasn’t taken seriously. Then I’d whine about how things never change.
It drove away people I cared about. 
I was seen as unappreciative. It caused me to often be in a bad mood. I overlooked what resources I did have. As suspected, my bosses didn’t take me seriously.
I made zero progress and felt like I had very little impact when what I wanted was to make a huge impact. Instead, I got more of the things I didn’t like in the first place.
Things started to change when I decided not to give my complaints any more air time.
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Words have meaning

Have you ever felt like you stuck your foot in your mouth?

Words have meaning. The words we use matter.

Small shifts in language have a positive impact in your day. My most successful clients master their emotions...and language is one of the tools they use to do it.

What do you catch yourself saying all the time that could benefit from a small shift in your vocabulary?

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