Fall Balance: Decide


Welcome to the Fall Balance Series. It's designed to bring you more work-life balance in the next 30-60 days. 

I LOVE all things fall and I hear so many of you say the same thing. Yet sometimes we get to the end of the fall season and we realize we never got around to doing the things we were so excited about. It leaves us saying "Next year I'll...(do that thing I wanted to do)."

This can show up in any area of your life.

Fall is a great time of year. It's post summer. People are back from summer vacations and kids are back in school. People are more focused in the fall. They're back to work so to speak. It's pre-holiday. We're not scattered and distracted by the holidays just yet. 

This is the perfect time of year to start that project at work or make significant progress on one. It's the perfect time to have "that" conversation with a co-worker that you've been putting off. Maybe there's a class you want to register for that will help you in your work or home...

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A 100% Work-Focused Life Comes at a Cost

Uncategorized Sep 24, 2018
Do you excel in your work life,  but at the expense of the other areas in your life?

Are you afraid that if you take your eye off the ball at work to focus on your health and fitness or your relationships that you'll slip at work and perform at a lower level?

I was guilty of this for a very long time. Today's video is an open heart-to-heart talk about the cost of a 100% work-centric life.

Early in my career, I gave work 100% of my focus.

I worked late. I worked weekends. I worked holidays. When not at work I was reading books about how to better when I was at work.

It served me in some ways. It made me who I am today. It helped me get ahead. I got promotions. I got invited to work on cool projects. I met my financial goals.

It brought me a lot of joy and a few of life's pleasures like a beautiful home, nice cars, and shopping whenever I wanted (within reason). As nice as it was, my life was out of balance.

At the end of the day, my work-centric life came at a great cost to...

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What If You Asked for Challenges?

What is your typical reaction when a challenge occurs?

When there is a problem, a roadblock, a setback, a hurdle you have to jump...what is your usual response?

Do you put your head in the sand and ignore it? (Problems don't go away because you do this.)

Do you see it as a big inconvenience? (Followed by rolling your eyes.)

Do you do the Toyota jump for joy? (You have to be at least 45 years old to get that one.)

The word challenge stems from the word accusation or accuse. When a challenge arises it's like the universe is accusing you of not having the ability to deal with it. If it were easy - you wouldn't be calling it a challenge.

A challenge is just a test of your abilities.

When you successfully complete the challenge you then have the ability to deal with that challenge again. It becomes part of your toolbox.

What would happen if you got excited when problems arise? It's an opportunity to expand your abilities. 

Regardless of it's current size, we all have a...

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Ever Seen Anyone Display Anger in a Business Situation When Under Pressure?

 When under pressure in a business situation, sometimes people's emotion of choice is  anger.

Have you ever witnessed this first hand? Maybe you've been guilty of it yourself in the past. We've all been angry at some point in our lives. Sometimes it's appropriate; sometimes it's not.

Anger isn't necessarily a bad emotion if you channel it. Anger can be a very useful emotion if it creates a shift in your thinking. 

  • "I'm done putting up with this (insert negative situation)."
  • "I'm not going to let this go by anymore."
  • "I'm drawing my line in the sand."
  • "I wont' stand for this anymore."
  • "I will step up and change this."

Anger is a great emotion if it spurs you to create new ideas, new solutions, higher standards, new goals, new ways of getting results, and you push yourself. 

However, if you're using anger as your go-to emotion when things get tough there are better options.

In the aftermath it can leave you feeling guilty and disappointed in yourself. It...

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Spinning Your Wheels & Not Seeing the Progress You Want?

I often have clients say they spin theirs wheels, week after week, month after month, year after year, working hard but never making the progress in their career or life that they really want. Can you relate to this?
Do you feel like you are in a rut where every week is just more of the same?
If you are feeling frustrated or overwhelmed you are not alone. Many new clients tell me how busy they are and that they have way too much on their plate.
Maybe you regularly find yourself saying you are tired or that you do not have enough energy for what you want in your life.
Yet - You want more!
You want to feel excited about work, relationships, and life. But the energy just isn't there and you don't know where it will come from.
It seems like you do well in one area and that area goes well then another part of your life suffers.
How do you fit it all in? 
How do you get more of what you want in life, and less...
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Are You Quiet During Meetings?

Do you find yourself remaining quiet in meetings, even if you have a great idea or a solution to a problem?
If you do, others may see you as lacking in Executive Presence, which is a predictor of getting promoted into bigger leadership roles.
Being quiet in a meeting can be seen as a lack of confidence. It can also be interpreted as  you not having anything to input, or a lack of strategic vision (another element of executive presence).
This has a snowball effect on you and your career.
You don’t get known as the person with the answers - even if you have them! You don’t get to be seen as the go-to person. You’re not seen as a leader.
If you’re not seen as a leader…you aren’t one.
You’re not going to get promoted into positions of authority if you don’t show you have authority. Leaders go first. They raise their hand. They speak up. The actions come...
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How Often Do You Complain?

When I was a new in management and had my first “real” job out of college I would complain all the time.
I put in a lot of hours. I worked hard. Both were my choice.
Yet I complained about everything. I complained about how other people in the office had known each other longer than me and were closer, about how little I was paid, about how many hours I worked and about how I wasn’t taken seriously. Then I’d whine about how things never change.
It drove away people I cared about. 
I was seen as unappreciative. It caused me to often be in a bad mood. I overlooked what resources I did have. As suspected, my bosses didn’t take me seriously.
I made zero progress and felt like I had very little impact when what I wanted was to make a huge impact. Instead, I got more of the things I didn’t like in the first place.
Things started to change when I decided not to give my complaints any more air time.
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Are Your Employees Engaged and Excited About Their Work?

engaged excited Aug 13, 2018

Do you have a hard time getting your employees engaged and excited about their work?

It's a common problem many executives share.

I often hear clients say their employees are just sleep-walking through their day.

"Stacie, we put together programs but nothing seems to work."

"They're here. They do their work. They just aren't engaged at the level they could be." 

Sometimes  they aren't even meeting the basic requirements of the job. You think you've made the expectations of the job clear but for whatever reason ... things just aren't getting done on time, on budget, or whatever parameters you laid out.

Is this an issue for you?

Employees want to be engaged and excited to. It's a problem on their side too. Every time I have a manager/leader tell me they struggle with getting their employees engaged...I have 5 employees tell me they want to be passionate about their work. 

Some people need an invitation to step up. So give them one!

Paint a picture for them...

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Driving Results: When to Use Emotion and When Not To

As a leader your job is to drive results.

"Check your emotions at the door" is advice I've heard many times. Sometimes that is appropriate advice. Other times, we would be better served to put our emotions front and center.

Let's distinguish between when we are best served between using our emotions and when to leave them out of the equation.

 It is not the best time to use your emotions when you are in fact-gathering mode.

The first mandate of leadership is SEE THINGS AS THEY ARE, not better or worse than they are.

In this case, please check your emotions at the door. You are on a fact-gathering mission. You need a clear picture of where things stand. Your emotions can cloud your judgement. 

Leave the drama of the situation at the door. Encourage others to leave their emotions at the door and be objective. 

Once you have a clear goal in mind, bring your emotions to the forefront.

Think of your emotions as your superhero cape. You can don any cape in...

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You Can't Influence People If You're Judging Them

Have you ever set a goal to become a better leader?

One of the biggest and most important attributes of leadership is influence.

However, you can't influence people if you're judging them. Believe me when I say they can feel it if you do. They will hear it in your voice, see it in your facial expressions and feel it in the way you come across. They know.

A key to becoming a great leader is to stop judging. Instead - get curious. Take a look at the person.

If you want to influence someone, you must first know what influences them.

Ask them questions. What motivates him/her? What drives him/her? What's important to him/her? What are their beliefs and values?

The only way to know is to spend some time with them and find out.

Once you know what influences them, then you can lead them because you can speak from their frame of reference. You can speak about things that are already important to them.

That's how leaders develop influence.

Have you seen my free training "5 Shifts to Advance Your...

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