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You Think You Can't

You want to #GoForIt. 

You feel an urge, an inkling, that there is something more for you in one or more areas of your life. 

You think about it - maybe even daydream about it. Perhaps you even give yourself permission to consider what it would be like if you went for it and got it. And it feels so wonderful in that moent. It's as if it's already happened. 

Then - you get snapped back into reality of the day to day. Email. Ringing phone. Text message. Meeting coming up. Report...

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Sitting on the Fence is an Optical Illusion

I love that sweet spot people hit when they are sitting on the fence about a decision to #GoForIt or not.

Though that idea of sitting on the fence is an optical illusion.

How so? So glad you asked.

The fence isn't sitting on some imaginary line of yes or no, of this or that. No. The fence sits squarely on the side of right where you are now.

Not deciding - is deciding. It means you haven't gone for it - yet.

To procrastinate the decision is to decide to change nothing. At least for now.


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I'll Start THEN 🙄

Have you ever put off something - something you really wanted to do or achieve - because you thought I'm too busy now. By THEN (some date in the future) I'll have time. I'll schedule it THEN. I'll start it THEN.

THEN I'll start/expand my business.

THEN I'll get that certification. 

THEN I'll take that class.

THEN I'll read that book.

THEN I'll check into it.

THEN I'll innovate something new.

THEN I'll tend to it.

THEN I'll get in shape.

Then I'll spend more time with so-and-so.

And THEN...

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Removing Blockages on Your Fast Track to Success

When you're barreling down the tracks full steam ahead with no obstructions - you get to your destinations / outcomes. And pretty quickly.

But how often do we really have zero blockages to our success?

Life happens over and over again.

I try pretty hard to stay away from absolutes like always and never. RARELY is that the case. (Ha - did you catch that?)

Sometimes we cruise along and sometimes we can't seem to catch a break.

We have blockages of one sort or another from time to time on our...

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Secret Societies & Subcultures

Do your curiosities lead you to some interesting places? I know mine do.

I was thinking about it this morning - just how cool of a world we live in. We can have a moment of curiosity about any offhand subject - a question - and then get the answer instantly if we so choose to do so.

It's just how we do things nowadays. 

You're watching something on TV and you KNOW you've seen that actor in something else and you no longer have to wrack your brain trying to figure it out. If you're...

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When quitting is the right thing to do

It's not often you'll hear me to tell you to quit.  But sometimes - you SHOULD quit! One such time is when you're PUSHING to get through your day, when it just feels like an uphill struggle.

Pushing and forcing is not effective or efficient. It leads to subpar performance and work - not your game. 

If you find you are pushing - that it's an uphill kind of day, or worse - week or month... STOP! QUIT that! Put it down. Walk away. It's time to regroup. THAT is the best use of your...

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Claim the Freedom You Want


That word keeps popping up in coaching sessions.

Entrepreneurs want Freedom.

How about you? Is freedom something YOU crave?

What comes to mind when you think of it? Do you have enough of it? Do you want more of it? What type of freedom do you want?

Freedom of time. Freedom of money. Freedom of artistic expression. Those are the freedoms that usually come to light first when I'm talking with an entrepreneur.

The deeper we dive into the subject, the more desired freedoms we...

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Sometimes, it would behoove you to be a bit impatient

It's so easy to get caught up in all of it.

You have this goal and you carefully plot out your plan for world domination. Or market domination. Heck - SELF domination some days.

So you do like you're taught and you formulate a strategy thinking if you do a, b, and c you'll get x, y and z.

Strategy is important. You need one - a good one. And the desire for excellence calls for us to find the best one, maybe even the perfect one.

Strategy can also be tricky.

What can sometimes happen is we get...

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Why Can't It Just Be Easy?

Why in the heck am I so emotional? It's really not like me. Feels like being a kid throwing a temper tantrum.

I must laugh at that visual if I'm playing the role.

Can I stomp my feet too??

Have YOU ever had one of those emotional days? It's true, every day has emotions of one sort or another. I'm talking about one of those days where you can't decide if you're feeling depressed and sad, or maybe disillusioned, anxious, uneasy, panicked, unsure, or even flaky.

Somedays I feel up to the...

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Is it wasteful to want more than what is absolutely needed?

I was raised in a middle class home by two loving parents. I was taught to turn out the lights when I left a room and to close the refrigerator door if I wasn't actively getting something out or putting something up. I was taught to only put on my plate what I wanted to eat - to not just throw out food. More specifically, to not waste food. Or electricity. Or anything else for that matter. Conserve was the name of the game. Save.

The message was "Use what's needed. Use ONLY what's needed. No...

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