You: Guided

This is one of my core beliefs:

You have a unique combination of gifts, talents and abilities. And they matter. YOU matter.

What were you built to do? Who were you built to become? All of the moments, experiences and interests you've ever had have led you to where you are right now.

You were built for more. A purpose. 

Are you living it?

I know you. You have a need to excel. You have a need to be noticed - not in a flashy "look at me" way - although maybe that, too. More like a "didn't I...

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MUSTS; Not Maybe's

We get what we decide we MUST have. As long as it's a maybe, it's a probably not.

Maybe's are things we think would be nice to have. Maybe's are things we TRY to do. 

Do. Or do not. There is no try. ~Yoda

Don't roll your eyes at me. That guy had it figured out. 

Have you ever "tried" to pick a pen up off the desk? NO! You either picked it up or you didn't. Don't believe me? Give it a go. 

When you decide you MUST have something? Must DO something? Must BE something? That's...

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The Monday Monopoly

Who ever gave Monday the monopoly on start-ups?

I would be so delighted to hear someone say...I start on Wednesday, just for the sheer variety of the remark. Or better yet...I start NOW.

I would probably squeal like a little girl at that last one because THAT's an identity shift that says I AM [the person who is this NOW.] And that EXCITES me. And excites you, too, I'm guessing. 

Listen - better to start on Monday than never. But that's the problem. Monday easily becomes never.


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Credentials, Please

Has there been a time when you wanted to #GoForIt but didn't feel like you were ready?

Maybe even want to take a leap of faith toward your dream don't feel worthy of it just yet?

Perhaps you've even thought - it's okay to want it and okay to go after it, but getting it? That's for other people right now. Me get that? Do that? Be that? One day.

I have good new and bad news - which is really just more good news.

The good news is: you don't really need the credentials...

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The Most Limiting Identity

One of the biggest BS beliefs and limiting identities is that of a martyr.

Those afflicted with this special calamity often see giving up on their goals (or not actively pursuing them) as an act of kindness or graciousness. Although they may not label it as giving up or pushing them aside.

To this person, it sounds more like putting off or delaying a specific task or tasks to help someone else out. Or a relaxing of standards to make someone else happy in the moment (so they think). 


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Consistency v Extremes

It's kinda funny how we are about things sometimes. We announce to ourselves, and maybe even friends, family, the world, that we want to lose weight. And we dive in full force with maximum effort +++. We go ALL OUT.

Have you ever done that? You kill it in the gym. Cardio for 45 minutes every day, so much resistance training that brushing your teeth is painful. Zero sweets. Motivational quotes on the mirror. A pair of 2-sizes-too-small jeans front and center in in your closet. And the attitude...

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Did you ever ask your mother for something over and over even though she kept saying no? And finally you asked "But why?" just to hear her reply "Because I said so?" [with THAT look that dared you to go any further.]

Just me? Riiiiight, okay. Sure. [winkie winkie]

I must have done that a thousand times. So annoying! (Her, not me, of course. Soooo not the answer I was looking for) I was smart enough to know that was the end of it - at least for a few minutes.

Luckily, I still have a little bit...

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Your Perfect Effort:Results Ratio


Should you set truly big, scary goals? Or be more reasonable?

What if you want the big scary goals, but hate the overwhelm that comes with it? And the guilt about what you're NOT doing no matter what you ARE doing?

Great Q's. Enlightening A's in this video.

You have a perfect Effort:Results Ratio that's tailor-made for YOU.

At the end of the video I mention an intensive 5-week program. If you want the details, email me ([email protected]) for a short...

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Journaling to make it happen

Journaling is an authentication process. It's taking your dreams and aspirations out of your head and putting them on paper, therefore taking a step toward making them real. It makes them more concrete and gives you clarity.

And here is where many people totally miss the boat on this sweet deal.

Journaling isn’t a record of yesterday or today unless pulling on past resources and using them for your benefit today. Example: Remembering how you pushed through something difficult to get...

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Yes, You Do Know

The three words that ruffle my feathers as a coach?

I. Don't. Know. *Especially when on repeat.

Actually - I smile because I know exactly what to do when I hear them.

Just saying those words or thinking those words cuts you off from possibilities. It perpetuates a helpless, confused, foggy-headed feeling. Or brings about the same.

NO! [insert hand up motion here]

Just stop. You do NOT have time for that energy. It does not and will not help you move forward. And YOU? You definitely want to...

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