Why Can't It Just Be Easy?

Why in the heck am I so emotional? It's really not like me. Feels like being a kid throwing a temper tantrum.

I must laugh at that visual if I'm playing the role.

Can I stomp my feet too??

Have YOU ever had one of those emotional days? It's true, every day has emotions of one sort or another. I'm talking about one of those days where you can't decide if you're feeling depressed and sad, or maybe disillusioned, anxious, uneasy, panicked, unsure, or even flaky.

Somedays I feel up to the...

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Is it wasteful to want more than what is absolutely needed?

I was raised in a middle class home by two loving parents. I was taught to turn out the lights when I left a room and to close the refrigerator door if I wasn't actively getting something out or putting something up. I was taught to only put on my plate what I wanted to eat - to not just throw out food. More specifically, to not waste food. Or electricity. Or anything else for that matter. Conserve was the name of the game. Save.

The message was "Use what's needed. Use ONLY what's needed. No...

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How do you put ✅Inspire team on your to-do list?



Leaders INSPIRE their team to want to step up.

Note; Motivation and inspiration are two different things. Motivation comes from within and inspiration can come from external sources.

How do you inspire your team when you already have so much work to do? How do you put that "to-do" on your list? ... Inspire team.

You have your "behind your desk work" stuff you do. That alone is more than enough to keep you busy.

And then you're supposed to go and inspire your team?? YES!


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Your Team Wants You to Know This

Your team is craving something. Do you know what it is?

Do you really not know?

Come on.

You DO know.

It's instinctive.

They desire to do more than exchange wages for work.

They are bent on being a part of something larger than themselves.

They want more. More what? Happiness. Appreciation. Clarity. Trust. Challenge. Reward. Pay. Camaraderie. Success. Wins. More everything! (like you)

They want to be elevated.

They want to grow as people.

They want to truly be seen. And heard.

They crave...

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Find Your Leadership Mojo


You want to be a better leader. Great!

What will it feel like when you're a leader with his or her mojo intact?

It will feel like satisfying the itch to make a difference.

You will have a deep sense of satisfaction.

You will know your life and work mattered.

You will feel fulfilled.

To be an inspiring leader, you must first be inspired.

How do you become this leader?

Becoming THAT leader starts with the desire to make a positive impact on people. That's followed by making a decision to...

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If you only knew what I'm really thinking


Oh my - sometimes I think it's a good thing no one knows what I'm really thinking!

Or else or they'll think I'm crazy and don't have my act together! Especially my clients. Crap! What if they know I struggle with the same stuff they struggle with? Would I still be fit to coach them?

Short answer: YES, I am.

Who better to speak to how to deal with something than someone who deals with it or has dealt with it?

Longer answer: We have certain struggles that may never go away. Like -...

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Doing the work that allows you to do the work

There is work underneath the work - tasks, routines, habits and rituals that do not appear to directly reflect on the bottom line of productivity. In fact, on the surface they appear to take time away from productivity. However, they have a profound, positive impact on productivity, success, happiness and more.

It's easy to deflect them. It's tempting to say "not now,"  "later," or "I'm too busy."

That's what most people do. But YOU'RE NOT MOST PEOPLE!

These habits are critical to your...

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Success, Decisions, and Walking Your Path


Have you ever made a DECISION that you were all in? 

Have you ever heard someone (maybe me) talk about how creating what you want in life is as easy as making a DECISION to create it?

That can be annoying to hear.  LOL

Let's get clear on what making a decision DOESN'T get you.

When you make a DECISION to achieve something it doesn't mean you're on auto-perfect.

It doesn't mean you automatically start taking perfect action, all the time, every time.

Making a DECISION means you...
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Be a #Chooser


There are no #Losers in my coaching clubhouse; only #Choosers.

Sometimes I don't really want to workout. Yesterday was one of those days. I heard my whiny voice start coming through saying things like "this is hard," "it hurts," and "I want to quit."

Then the stronger voice came through and said "I choose to do this." "I choose to finish this workout even though it hurts." "Yes it hurts so do 3 more reps." "I choose strength." "I choose to get better, stronger." "I choose to be a person who...

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Enjoy and Anchor Your Wins

Some Days You Have a Win

And it feels so freakin good!

One of my favorite WINS is when I have a client with a win. 

And it can come in so many forms.

Today I witnessed a young lady speak her truth.

She confidently took a stand and declared THIS is who I am and choose to be. She knows exactly how to fill in the blank behind "I am..." And she is MILES ahead of where she was five and a half short months ago - mired in fear and sadness.

Today, we worked on anchoring even deeper the powerful...

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