Yes, You Do Know

The three words that ruffle my feathers as a coach?

I. Don't. Know. *Especially when on repeat.

Actually - I smile because I know exactly what to do when I hear them.

Just saying those words or thinking those words cuts you off from possibilities. It perpetuates a helpless, confused, foggy-headed feeling. Or brings about the same.

NO! [insert hand up motion here]

Just stop. You do NOT have time for that energy. It does not and will not help you move forward. And YOU? You definitely want to...

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The Mindset IS the How

So annoying, right?

It doesn't even make sense at first glance.

But don't worry - I have no intentions of asking you to sit around a camp fire holding hands to discuss it I will, however, explain it. 

If you're goal-oriented, if you like to win...reading this is worth your time. 

And if you're of the analytical nature...reading this is REALLY worth YOUR time.

So often, we set out to handle something, to achieve something. We set a goal. Or we desire something in our lives, about our...

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Reconciling Limiting Beliefs With Desired Outcomes

It's as certain as a math theorem.

Your thoughts and beliefs create your reality.

Conversely, when you set a goal to reach an outcome or result and your mind has some math (i.e. beliefs) that doesn't add up, you'll never hit that goal. Not when you're pushing to grow and be the next level you. 

You must reconcile your beliefs to be equal to your desired outcomes. Simple math.

And if you know me - you know I'm a total math geek. It was my favorite subject in school. Why? Because it was...

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It was nine years ago when I Decided

I wrote this on my birthday.

Note to self: Self: don't look for pictures of birthday cake when you're hungry. 

It was nine years ago that I decided to become a life coach.

I wrote a letter to myself before I went on a trip to Death Valley -the lowest point on the continent. And once there, I ceremoniously read this letter aloud and put my flag in the ground, symbolically speaking, right there in the salt flats of Badwater Basin And then I toasted with a glass of champaign with my...

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Forging Your Personal Policies

It's BS to look at someone who has/does/is what you want to have/do/be and think "Oh it's easy for her; it comes easy to her."

Can I just be straight? (You know I will anyway.)

No, it doesn't. She has fears and doubts, too. She just takes action anyway. Consistently.

No matter how experienced one is regarding success, mindset, goals, and what have you, fear and doubt still creep up. It's just that the more successful and experienced a person is, the faster they deal with the fear and doubt so...

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Excuses...Busted. Destroyed. Defeated. And savagely.

Whatever it is you want to do...

  • Get in insane shape
  • Start a business
  • Retire early
  • Find your dream partner

...if you're feeling discouraged and like it will never happen, find someone else who has done what you want to do. SOMEONE has done it. And SOMEONE will inspire you. And probably have advice for you, too.

As my 49th birthday approaches I've been wanting to get in better shape. A series of injuries and life changes led to a few of my normal habits and routines changing and I'm not...

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It Takes Time🙄But It Does Work

I can tell a big difference when I journal and when I don't. 

Journaling for mindset is a lot like exercise. You can't just do it once and expect great things. Just like you can't work out once or eat one spear of broccoli and expect the perfect body when you've been eating Cheeze-its while Netflix binging for months.

Daily journaling is a non-negotiable for me. It's spending time getting my mind set for the day. Whatever I pay attention to is what gets put on the path I want it to go...

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Writing Your Come-Back Story

It's hard to really wrap your head around just how much money $1 trillion is. Let's equate it to time to give you a better idea.

If $1 was a second...

$100K (seconds) = 28 hours

$1 Million (seconds) = 12 days

$1 Billion (seconds) = 32 years

$1 Trillion (seconds) = 31,689 years

Our government has thrown over $6 trillion at the Coronavirus, according to the Washington Post - over 190,134 years to follow along with the above $1 = 1 second time analogy.

What does that has to do with anything?...

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When Will You See It?

That all the pieces are already there?

Are they? you may be asking.

You think "If I could just...

  • Learn this technique.
  • Understand that strategy.
  • Do what so-and-so is doing.
  • Get some experience doing X.
  • Do [this].
  • Figure out [that].

...I'd be able to get to the next level which would allow me to get to the NEXT level and the NEXT...and then MAYBE all that would add up to the life I really want...which is X."

My dear...when will you see that you can skip to X a lot quicker than you think?


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Burn it Down. Start again. Renewed. Refreshed.

The 1988 fires in Yellowstone National Park were ugly.

A total of 793,880 acres (36% of the park) were affected by the wildfires. The entire park closed to all non-emergency personnel for the first time in its history. The fires were considered unprecedented at the time.

I visited the park in 2011 and the effects were still quite visible 23 years later.

The Park rebounded quickly, though. The fire was even beneficial in some ways. 

According to Wikipedia "The recovery from the fires...

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